Terry Lee Photography. A modern twist on classic photography based in Aylesbury

Hi, my name is Terry Lee. I am a photographer!

I might be the first photographer you visited online or perhaps one of many. Or you might have stumbled here purely by accident looking for funny baby photos laughing! It does not matter how you got here, I am humbled by the fact you are here.

Are you a bride looking for a Wedding Photographer? Are you a mum or dad looking for gorgeous family photos?

Perhaps you are a pet lover who wishes their pets to be photographed in high resolution in a studio setting?

Maybe you run a small company and are looking for a photographer to shot some headshots for your corporate website?

Or perhaps you are just looking for someone in Buckinghamshire to photographer the real you?

Make yourself at home, and I hope to see you soon.

Terry Lee Photography
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire